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Palisade Podcast

The Palisade Podcast is a conversational podcast that highlights local people and discusses local issues in Palisade and the Grand Valley. It is hosted by Palisade resident Will McGough, a travel writer and Co-Owner of Palisade Kombucha. You can follow the podcast on social media @palisadepodcast.


  • 33. June 17, 2024: Devan Aziz

    Devan Aziz is the brand-new Planning Commissioner for the Town of Palisade. He joins the podcast to discuss his fasting strategy, his background in permaculture and cheese making, software he has introduced to modernize the public comment process, the Harkey’s Boat Launch project at Riverbend, whether it’s better to have a planning commissioner who is from here or from somewhere else, a day in the life of the Planning Commissioner, the future of the sewer ponds in Riverbend, “nature-based solutions” and his ideas for new projects he would like to see happen in Palisade, train travel in Europe, Southwest airline’s boarding policy, his Turkish background, and more!

    You can view the virtual open house for Harkey’s Boat Launch here, schedule a meeting with Devan here, and learn more about nature-based solutions here.

  • 32. May 22, 2024: Greg Mikolai

    Greg Mikolai is the Mayor of Palisade. He joins Will on the podcast to discuss his career in television, why he hates doing live television, his documentary on the Colorado National Monument, why Will was hoping Greg would lose the election, whether he considers himself a politician, how he got into local politics by accident, marijuana and the Board of Trustees, Vietnamese Italian fusion, upcoming changes to the land use code, ideas for economic diversity in Palisade, the power of the mayor, what it’s like to conduct town meetings, a day in the life of a mayor, update on the Subway, what makes him anxious, Highway 6 update, why irrigation for every house is important, backpacking on the Mesa, Rocky Mountain National Park raising its fees, the Northern Lights in Palisade, the rapid spread of television, and more!

  • 31. May 16, 2024: Clayton Yeazle

    Clayton Yeazle is an acoustic musician and the lead singer for The Violet Pines. He joins Will on the podcast to discuss the grind of getting home after 2 a.m. most nights, anxiety and going to sleep, Will’s prayers as a kid, ADHD, how to be a good audience member, the power of reciprocation, the best tap water in the world, surfing in Minnesota, going home and its impact on you, rediscovering your inner child, Clayton’s touching childhood memories, imagining yourself as the star, the worst comment Clayton has gotten on stage, Motown and romanticizing romance, how to write a song, how a house show differs from a house party, how to build a set list, whether productivity is silly, self sabotage, why Clayton worries about “the grinders,” grinding to the graveyard, east coasters, the Melrose Hotel, the greatest curse in music, what it feels like to play an emotional song you no longer connect with, why Clayton doesn’t drink while he plays, how to remove yourself from songs, and more! Follow him or @thevioletpines.

  • 30. April 28, 2024: Dave Smith

    Dave Smith is the Owner of Pali Tours and Palisade Picnic. He joins the podcast to dish on his background in the ski industry, the tail end of the true ski bum days in Aspen, following in his Dad’s footsteps, moving to Palisade to work at Powderhorn, what it’s like to groom trails at night, what happened with the broken lift at Powderhorn, night skiing at Powderhorn, his unique Pali Tours vehicle, tour options in Palisade, Palisade as a town of secrets, how Pali Tours built a reciprocal relationship with wineries, the operations and business model behind Pali Tours, Will’s drinking phases, the reason he opened Palisade Picnic, how to manage multiple groups at once, the good things that came from the pandemic, how much people drink on wine tours, what we need to hold on to in Palisade going forward, Palisade’s new Planning Commissioner, the fire in Palisade, mental health in the Grand Valley, Float Palisade, how to partner with Pali Tours, why knowing your neighbor is important for Palisade tourism, tour companies and kickbacks, drama between the transportation companies, collaborating to compete in Palisade, and more.

  • 29. April 4, 2024: Garn LeBaron

    Garn LeBaron is the Founder and Editor of the Palisade Post, Palisade’s new newspaper. He joins the podcast to discuss the election results as well as how he came to found the Palisade Post.

  • 28. March 28, 2024: Rick Fox

    Rick Fox is a security and safety expert and a candidate for a seat on the Board of Trustees. He joins the podcast to discuss his ideas for Palisade.

  • 27. March 25, 2024: Sarah Matchett

    Sarah Matchett is a candidate for a seat on the Board of Trustees. She joins Will to talk about her background in endurance sports, her run for office, and her ideas for Palisade.

  • 26. March 21, 2024: Lu Frederick

    Lu Frederick is the organizer of the Palisade Community Garden as well as the Pali Swap. She joins Will on the podcast to discuss her run for a seat on the Board of Trustees as well as her various endeavors around town.

  • 25. March 14, 2024: Jeff Snook

    Jeff Snook is the Co-Owner of Fidel’s Cocina & Bar as well as the Spoke & Vine Motel. He joins the podcast to discuss his decision to run for a seat on the Board of Trustees as well as the town’s top issues.

  • 24. March 12, 2024: Palisade Election Special

    Dan West of the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel joins Will to recap the Palisade Candidate Forum and discuss the town issues leading up to the election on April 2nd.

  • 23. March 4, 2024: Jenne Baldwin-Eaton

    The latest Palisade Podcast episode features Colorado Wine Country legend Jenne Baldwin-Eaton.
    Jenne Baldwin-Eaton is wine consultant, judge, instructor, and winemaker. She joins the podcast to discuss how tourism has changed the dynamics of Palisade’s wine tasting rooms, how she went from a physical trainer to wine maker, her oldest surviving bottles from Plum Creek, the stressful parts of winemaking, losing control of wine once it’s sold, her theory on customer feedback, why wineries got rid of free tastings, why she was surprised Plum Creek lasted so long, the fading camaraderie of the wine industry, how CMU started its wine program, getting married on a rafting trip, houseboat trips on Lake Powell, the timing of a honeymoon, would Peche survive without tourists?, businesses closing in downtown Palisade, how much of a liability Colorado’s weather is for the future of wine making, how to educate consumers as tasting rooms get busier, how Palisade wineries can get more creative, how marketing can make your wine taste better, wine marketing classes in the Grand Valley, Jenne’s wine travels and plan to be a wine host in Bordeaux, what it’s like to be a wine judge and the dirty deets on the judging process, the little wine vines of Santorini, elk hunting, the sparkling wine trend in Palisade, upcoming town improvement projects, Palisade as a Dark Sky destination, and more.

  • 22. February 23, 2024: Liat Arochas

    Liat Arochas is a vocal coach, singer, songwriter, and the Founder of Wake the Voice in Palisade. She joins Will on the podcast to teach him how to warm up his voice and discuss her early days of playing open mics in Philly, the power of writing songs about love, not remembering the words to a song on stage, how dark times can inspire growth, the importance of practice (even when you don’t know what you’re practicing for), why bands don’t get invited back to venues, how bands come up with their names, the drama of being in a band, how bands write songs together, playing solo versus playing in a band, stories behind the songs, how writing and song ideas seem to be “downloaded” out of nowhere, Bob Dylan going downhill, concerns for women who sing pop songs, why Travis Kelce should cheat on Taylor Swift, why the Super Bowl commercials sucked, how to tell if a singer writes their own songs, some stories about Celine Dion, how society represses our voices, the unique way that Liat coaches people to discover their voices, what car and shower singers have in common, singing as therapy, reliving your favorite high school bands, how people are judgmental of music, how to use influences to create your own voice, and more. You can find her @wakethevoice on Instagram or at

21. February 16, 2024: Mike Johnson

Mike Johnson is the Co-Owner of Pali Thai Food Truck in Palisade. He joins Will on the podcast to discuss how Pali Thai came to be, why he left his previous career in renewable energy, working in Central and South America, how he met his partner (and Pali Thai Chef) Pam, what he loves about Thai food, some common Thai dishes, customer complaints and how to manage them, how to run a food truck, how to choose locations and venues, when and where Pali Thai might open a brick-and-mortar restaurant, traveling in Thailand, getting to know your significant other’s parents when you don’t speak the same language, why he loves to travel by train, how airlines are gaslighting us, advice for people who want to start a food truck, and more. To receive weekly Pali Thai location updates, text the word “JOIN” to 844-340-6163 or visit them at

20. February 1, 2024: Palisade News Update

A look at what’s happening around Palisade on February 1st, 2024, including a brand-new newspaper in Palisade, an upcoming election, and several events of interest.

19. January 21, 2024: Joe Flynn

Joe Flynn is the owner of Periphery Cellars and is about to embark on an 18-month, around-the-world trip. He returns to the podcast to talk travel with Will and to discuss the circumstances surrounding this mega-trip, what it’s like to sell everything you own, his plans for when he returns to Palisade in 2025, the 26-page itinerary and how one goes about planning a “world tour,” advice for traveling with a partner for an extended period of time, how much it costs to travel around the world, getting jaded while traveling, how to manage your energy on the road, how he thinks the trip will change him, and more.

18. January 9, 2024: Juliann Adams

Juliann Adams is the Chair of the Palisade Tourism Advisory Board (TAB) and also the Owner of Vines 79 Winery. She joins Will to chat about tourism in Palisade, including 2023 visitation numbers, how TAB is funded, what tourism projects and marketing they spend the money on, how TAB plans to manage the growth of tourism going forward, whether Palisade needs another hotel and the future of Airbnbs, how TAB judges success in tourism, complaints from residents in regards to tourism, what stands in the way of a train connecting Palisade, Grand Junction, and Fruita, and more.

17. December 10, 2023: Ryan Sapena

Ryan Sapena is the Media and Marketing Director for Seek Outside, a tent and backpack manufacturer in Grand Junction. After a Palisade News Update, Ryan joins Will to discuss Seek Outside’s tents, what a ‘hot tent’ is and how they work, the influence of hunters on outdoor gear and why they are excellent testers, truffle hunting in Italy, quantity versus quality of evolutionary success, wolves coming to the Grand Mesa, whether humans can fix all the environmental problems we face, humans as the shepherds of the world, salmon elevators, moral versus ethical dilemmas on Earth, the future of humanity, how humanity could benefit from more backpacking, Kiss’ announcement of going to hologram concerts, Sports Illustrated’s release of first AI-written articles, whether REI is good to work with, how to pick a tent, why Seek Outside hates zippers, the benefit of floorless tents, bears on the Grand Mesa, bear spray versus a gun for bear defense, the difference between bears and wolves in terms of their danger to humans, and more!

16. October 24, 2023: Cassidee Shull

Cassidee Shull is the Executive Director of the Colorado Association for Viticulture and Enology (CAVE). She joins Will to chat about her long-standing tenure with CAVE, getting hired as Executive Director at age 23, what the wine industry looked like in its first year, the five Palisade wineries that attended the first WineFest, how WineFest went this year, the new sparkling wine trend in Palisade, the changes in wine law that CAVE had passed by the State, reasons why tourism is down in Palisade, the challenge of balancing your personal life and public-facing job, Cassidee’s upcoming trip to Chile, appreciating life in America, what it was like to live and own a surf shop in Costa Rica (before it was robbed), the tight knit communities in other countries, how Palisade is working to avoid overtourism, Will’s idea for a winter festival, Las Colonias Amphitheater, the band Cassidee is named after, why she wears sunglasses and a scarf to every concert, improvised versus rehearsed shows, John Mayer, Cassidee’s guide to live music in the Grand Valley, Will’s new favorite concert venue, new additions to downtown Palisade, has the grape surpassed the peach? and more.

15. October 13, 2023: Dan West

Dan West is a reporter for the Daily Sentinel. He joins Will on the pod to discuss Lauren Boebert’s recent antics, attracting attention as a politician, America’s tabloid culture, the Hamas attacks, a Fruita man in Israel, how it feels to cover tragedy as a journalist, television versus print coverage of tragic events, why we should get rid of 24-hour cable news channels, how national journalists went from blue-collar workers to rich celebrities, how journalism is a free education for journalists, how the Sentinel decides on its coverage, how the community utilizes the media, Dan’s investigate journalism surrounding the closure of Whitman Park in Grand Junction, “homeless” versus “unhoused,” how Dan used the Colorado Open Records Act (CORA) to view city council emails about Whitman Park, Japan’s claim of having zero homeless people, the Colorado “suicide belt,” the judgement of homeless people, what it’s like to run the editorial page at the Sentinel, why we should be worried about the future of local news, Will’s case for local news to better use social media, misinformation versus disinformation versus malinformation, why the Sunday paper is special, society’s war on nuance, is America screwed? and more…

14. September 21, 2023: Barrett Vinson

Barrett Vinson is a meteorologist and the weatherman for KREX5 and FOX4. He joins the pod to discuss talk radio, how to improve your listening and conversational skills, Hallmark greeting cards, Wine Weather Wednesdays, how to make the weather fun, what makes the Grand Valley’s climate unique, his time with the Hurricane Hunters in Florida, why he wanted to become a weatherman, weather as an applied science, why weatherman are sometimes wrong, why forecasting is extremely difficult, how weather balloons are used, working in front of a green screen, hyping yourself up for a 5 a.m. live shot, zip lining at Las Colonias, how understanding the weather can enrich your life, the ancient art of paying attention, farmers and the weather, climate change and how it might make a weatherman’s job more interesting, the impact of climate change on peaches, wine, and Palisade, being recognized in public, why fall is important in Palisade, weather and religion, dating as a weatherman, the Virginia Tech shootings, where ratings meet humanity, lightning, weather urban legends, and more.

13. September 13, 2023: Kylee Marshall

Kylee Marshall is an author, speaker, and former teacher at Bookcliff Middle School. Her memoir, Of Dirt and Wildflowers — A Memoir on Growing the Courage to Bloom, was published in June and her brick-and-mortar workshop space, Of Dirt and Wildflowers: A Creative Space to Grow & Bloom, is launching this fall at the Historic Lowell School Building in downtown Grand Junction. She joins Will to discuss dropping your kid off at college, how much teachers get paid, why being a writer blows, the awkwardness of recording audio books, how being a perfectionist can hold you back, how technology makes it hard to say no, what to do when hard work backfires, being an “ant,” Covid relationships, how different seasons of life impact our perception of time, how to view the morning as an “unopened gift,” letting go of guilt and shame, Will and Kylee’s ghost stories, celebrity authors, how to read more, drinking and writing, why many famous authors died young, how to be authentic, and more.

12. August 29, 2023: Dan Bean

Dan Bean is the Director of the Biological Pest Control Program at the Palisade Insectary. He joins the pod to discuss what exactly the Insectary does, what biocontrol is and how it’s used in Palisade, how the Insectary came to be located in Palisade, collecting bugs as a kid, the Insectary’s public relations’ problem and how cockroaches help fix it, the biggest biocontrol problems in Palisade, the return of the Japanese beetle to Grand Junction, generalist versus specialist insects, the biggest biocontrol bungles in history, the truth about the Colorado pine beetle, why Colorado’s forests are stressed, whether we should save our forests or let them be, saving the planet versus saving humanity, working in a quarantined lab, how travelers are helping invasive species, lab leaks, the consciousness of insects, living in the present, and more.

11. August 22, 2023: Ethan Jordan

Ethan Jordan is the play-by-play television and radio broadcast announcer and the Director of Media and Sales for the Grand Junction Jackalopes. Will joins him in his broadcast booth at Suplizio Field to discuss why the team changed from the Rockies to the Jackalopes, why they are no longer an affiliate of the Colorado Rockies, the “beer batter” promotion at every home game, television versus radio broadcasting, calling different sports as an announcer, why people think baseball is boring, why Will thinks every kid should play baseball or softball, Ethan’s past life as an umpire, “homer” announcers, working around hot mics, the success of the Savanna Bananas and what the Jackalopes can learn from them, how to critique umpires as an announcer, broadcasting as a performance art, the greatest save in broadcasting history, and more.

10. August 13, 2023: Jamie Somerville

Jamie Somerville is a member of the Palisade Board of Trustees and an English teacher at Mt. Garfield Middle School. He joins the pod to discuss how summer break seems to be shrinking, why East Middle School closed down and the D51 drama, why more Grand Valley schools could close, phones in classrooms, teaching critical race theory and slavery, the Milgram experiment, whether Hemingway was gay, life as a trustee, complaints on Facebook and how they can be redirected, understanding what the Board of Trustees can actually do, how the town enforces code violations, the process the board goes through when evaluating projects, whether Subway could pave the way for other corporate chains in Palisade, why what happens isn’t always what the board wants, the Palisade Game Plan and its impact on the future of town, how people try to trick the board with false data, Jamie’s most stressful town issues, whether board members vote on their own opinions or the opinion of residents, why development of the bank property got shot down, how the land trust is protecting the greater Palisade area, tourism being down 15%, flying during the pandemic, how local schools handled COVID-19, masking in schools, and more.

9. August 3, 2023: Charles Talbott

Charles Talbott is the Owner and Director of Operations of Talbott’s Cider Company. He joins Will on the pod to discuss hops in beer, different styles of cider, the good and bad of Palisade’s evolution, why he joined the tourism board, how to make Palisade better for locals, the challenge of getting local products into local venues, Talbott’s plan to start serving food, a new partnership between the Talbotts and Clarks, how the military prepares you for the American dream, the excitement surrounding UFOs, how the media messes with us, hosting politicians at Talbott’s and the upcoming election, negative online reviews, how Talbott’s cider came to be, Talbott’s new deal with Safeway, traveling to Costa Rica, Mexico, other cider makers in town, self-help and happiness, and more.

8. July 24, 2023: Tim Wenger

Tim Wenger is a Senior Editor for Matador Network and a member of the Palisade Tourism Advisory Board. His newest endeavor is Copy Synergy (, an AI-assisted copywriting service. He joins Will on the pod to discuss the joy of a summer shower beer, how the Palisade Farmers Market differs from others in Colorado, bikers behaving badly in Palisade, whether Palisade is a good destination for families, how the media covers and uses AI, how to use AI to scale your business, Las Vegas, endless suburban expansion, how to live more sustainably, Tim’s letter to the town, the case against travel, the debate over travel to Antarctica, and more. Find Tim at or on the No Blackout Dates podcast.

7. July 14, 2023: Ben Parsons

Ben Parsons is the Owner and Winemaker of Ordinary Fellow Winery in downtown Palisade. He joins the pod to talk about his recent trip to London, English sparkling wine, the traits of a true English pub, Ordinary Fellow’s recent awards, the highest-scoring Colorado wine ever, European gap years, how Hitler used wine to fund WWII, immigrating from England to Australia on a 10-pound ferry, the lack of love for Colorado wine, moving to the U.S. two days before September 11th, how Infinite Monkey Theorem challenged (and changed) the wine industry, how he decided to keg and can wine, why he stepped away from Infinite Monkey, the benefits of criticism, the idea for a train between Grand Junction, Fruita, and Palisade, how to fix winter in Palisade, and more.

6. June 24, 2023: Priscilla Walker

Priscilla Walker is the Founding Chairman of the Palisade Historical Society. She joins the pod to discuss the museum as well as various Palisade historical topics, including peach graveyards at Riverbend Park, German prisoners of war picking peaches (WW2), the original peach varietal of Palisade and where to find it, whether downtown Palisade was a wild west town, notable buildings around town, how to make history interesting to adults, past (failed) crops of Palisade, sorting through the embellishments of history, the museum’s three historical walking tours, ghosts in Palisade, and more.

5. June 7, 2023: Meril Wallace

Meril Wallace is the cider maker at Talbott’s Cider Co. and a wine maker for Centennial Cellars. He joins the pod to discuss his recent endeavors as well as how much time kids spend outside, parental paranoia, how humans analyze risk, getting uncomfortable in travel and the outdoors, airport bars, being a river guide, the only free-flowing river in Colorado, art and snobbery, why creative teachers can’t be trusted, why you should drink one beer a day, what it’s like to guide a multi-month tour, the two best parts of travel, the quietest place on earth, and more.

4. May 25, 2023: Brandi Peterson

Brandi Peterson is the General Manager of the brand-new Deroco Cellars. She chats about growing up in Alabama, southern customs, whether her accent is a good thing or bad thing, the deal with alligators, Florida travel spots, what it’s like to be adopted, meeting her birth mom for the first time at age 40, the terrifying reality of, the deal with Deroco Cellars, and more.

3. May 18, 2023: Stanley Woodward

Stanley Woodward is a Washington DC-based trial lawyer who represents several defendants in the January 6th insurrection cases. He was recently featured in Politico for his eye-popping client list, which includes prominent “Trump-world” figures such as Peter Navarro, Dan Scavino, and a member of the Oath Keepers. With four kids in tow, he pops through Palisade to discuss changing diapers on planes, the legal questions surrounding January 6th, the hundreds of hours of video he’s watched from that day, media bias of the event, why some DC lawyers refuse to get involved in the cases, how much hate mail he gets, why people hate jury duty, and more.

2. May 10, 2023: Joe Flynn

Joe Flynn is the owner of Periphery Cellars and the new sparkling wine maker at Carboy Winery. He joins Will to discuss turning 50, getting expelled from high school, hazed in the military, being a battlefield medic, and a climbing accident that launched his wine making career. He dishes on what went down with Plum Creek closing, the struggle between a winemaker and winery owner, what the word “vintage” really means, the grape he thinks is the future of Palisade, why he would never open a walk-up tasting room, the advantages of being a small winery, whether wine tasting should be free, why Palisade wine is expensive, European versus American wine marketing, what he thinks about wine competitions, where to discover new wines on the Western Slope, details about Carboy’s new sparkling wine program, and more.

1. May 2, 2023: Drew Harding

Drew Harding is the owner of Harding Homegrown, a new farm in Palisade. He stops by to talk with Will about the stress of the late-April freeze, using helicopters and fires to combat frost on peach trees, his early days growing pot in California, the problems with the modern-day food industry, price versus value, his quest for food sovereignty in Palisade, marketing issues for farmers, and why we should be excited about crypto, even if we don’t understand it.