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33. June 17, 2024: Devan Aziz

Devan Aziz is the brand-new Planning Commissioner for the Town of Palisade. He joins the podcast to discuss his fasting strategy, his background in permaculture and cheese making, software he has introduced to modernize the public comment process, the Harkey’s Boat Launch project at Riverbend, whether it’s better to have a planning commissioner who is from here or from somewhere else, a day in the life of the Planning Commissioner, the future of the sewer ponds in Riverbend, “nature-based solutions” and his ideas for new projects he would like to see happen in Palisade, train travel in Europe, Southwest airline’s boarding policy, his Turkish background, and more!

You can view the virtual open house for Harkey’s Boat Launch here, schedule a meeting with Devan here, and learn more about nature-based solutions here.