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31. May 16, 2024: Clayton Yeazle

Clayton Yeazle is an acoustic musician and the lead singer for The Violet Pines. He joins Will on the podcast to discuss the grind of getting home after 2 a.m. most nights, anxiety and going to sleep, Will’s prayers as a kid, ADHD, how to be a good audience member, the power of reciprocation, the best tap water in the world, surfing in Minnesota, going home and its impact on you, rediscovering your inner child, Clayton’s touching childhood memories, imagining yourself as the star, the worst comment Clayton has gotten on stage, Motown and romanticizing romance, how to write a song, how a house show differs from a house party, how to build a set list, whether productivity is silly, self sabotage, why Clayton worries about “the grinders,” grinding to the graveyard, east coasters, the Melrose Hotel, the greatest curse in music, what it feels like to play an emotional song you no longer connect with, why Clayton doesn’t drink while he plays, how to remove yourself from songs, and more! Follow him or @thevioletpines.