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Palisade Tourism Advisory Board Aims to Spotlight Local Events: Seeking to Boost Community Engagement

For those who missed last month’s update from the Palisade Tourism Advisory Board, my name is Tim Wenger and I will be writing a brief summary of each month’s happenings and notes from the meeting on the third Thursday of each month. The TAB encourages public input at the meeting, which takes place at the Palisade Civic Center, 175 E. 3rd Street.

Palisade’s Tourism Advisory Board spent this month preparing and approving marketing print materials for the upcoming busy season. These include the tear-off maps that have been distributed for the past two years, as well as stamped postcards for visitors to mail from Palisade.

‘Do Palisade Right’ campaign launching in May

The Colorado Tourism Office is working with Palisade on a “Do Palisade Right” campaign to promote responsible tourism to the area. The Do Palisade Right campaign is also part of a grant won by the TAB board with the CTO Destination Development Program. The TAB has spent the past eight months working with the Colorado Tourism Office to develop a “best practices” campaign to educate visitors on how to behave in Palisade and how to respect our natural surroundings as well as local residents. A postcard is in production, and once printed will be distributed to businesses downtown and along the Fruit and Wine Byway, as well as lodging operators. The kickoff date for this new campaign is set for May 15 during the Palisade Chamber of Commerce Business After-Hours event.

The purpose of the plan is to accomplish the following:

  • Promote Leave No Trace principles to minimize impact on the environment by those recreating outdoors
  • Address concerns of local business leaders and landowners regarding improper tourist behavior (plucking peaches, public intoxication, etc.) and ensure those visiting Palisade are made aware of what is and isn’t acceptable
  • Provide resources to visitors about where to recreate and what to do in Palisade

Digital kiosk for town plaza discussed, airport advertising approved

The TAB voted to dedicate a portion of its funding for banner advertisements at Grand Junction Regional Airport to promote Palisade businesses. TAB was onsite at the Girl & A Gun event at Cameo to promote local businesses, as well.

Cassidee Shull, TAB member and Executive Director of CAVE, discussed installing a digital kiosk in the downtown plaza to assist tourists in finding local businesses and activities. No decision has been made about whether to move forward with the kiosk, but the board decided to ask the company behind the kiosks to present at the May meeting about the cost-to-benefit ratio.

One exciting happening forthcoming is the photo and video shoot with a creative team from the Colorado Tourism Office on June 1. The CTO will be producing these assets for the town’s portfolio, and the community can expect to see them used in future marketing efforts and event materials.

Your Say Matters! Tourism Board Seeks Public Input on Upcoming Initiatives

The lone public comment at the April TAB meeting came from Joann Rasmussen, Chair of the Palisade Historical Society, who updated the board and town staff on current happenings with the PHS and the museum. These include the continuation of monthly historical presentations at The Ordinary Fellow, and a rundown of visitation the Society saw in 2023.

Following the monthly meeting. the TAB held a marketing workshop with its agency, Slate Communications, to brainstorm marketing ideas for print, digital, social media, and broadcast advertising. One common concern shared by board members is how to better engage the community in listing events on the town and Chamber’s event boards. Doing so will help Slate incorporate these events into its social media strategy, which should result in better attendance.

The TAB is open to ideas from the community about this, as well as general thoughts about tourism in Palisade and how the board can better represent the community. Check out the Visit Palisade website for more info on what’s happening in town, and we hope to see you at the next meeting on May 16 at 11 am.