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Mesa County Sheriff’s Office Releases Camera Footage From April 24 Incident at Central High School

The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office is releasing the body-worn camera footage from the incident that occurred on April 24, 2024, at Central High School. The video shows significant sections of the footage from the two involved deputies and additional camera footage from cameras placed at the school. This is intended to help members of the community gain a better understanding of what occurred.

This incident remains under investigation, and all information is based on the details we know now. We want to reiterate our unwavering commitment to transparency with the Mesa County community.

The Mesa County Sheriff’s Office prioritized releasing this information and informing our community as soon as possible. Again, given that this incident happened on school grounds and in the presence of many students and juveniles, we had to take extra time and care to redact their identities from the videos, ensuring the utmost protection of their privacy. We have concealed images of the juveniles captured in this video for privacy purposes.

Deputy Peterson Body Camera
Central High School Crime Camera
Deputy Hand Body Camera

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