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30. April 28, 2024: Dave Smith

Dave Smith is the Owner of Pali Tours and Palisade Picnic. He joins the podcast to dish on his background in the ski industry, the tail end of the true ski bum days in Aspen, following in his Dad’s footsteps, moving to Palisade to work at Powderhorn, what it’s like to groom trails at night, what happened with the broken lift at Powderhorn, night skiing at Powderhorn, his unique Pali Tours vehicle, tour options in Palisade, Palisade as a town of secrets, how Pali Tours built a reciprocal relationship with wineries, the operations and business model behind Pali Tours, Will’s drinking phases, the reason he opened Palisade Picnic, how to manage multiple groups at once, the good things that came from the pandemic, how much people drink on wine tours, what we need to hold on to in Palisade going forward, Palisade’s new Planning Commissioner, the fire in Palisade, mental health in the Grand Valley, Float Palisade, how to partner with Pali Tours, why knowing your neighbor is important for Palisade tourism, tour companies and kickbacks, drama between the transportation companies, collaborating to compete in Palisade, and more.