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Palisade Mourns After Apartment Complex Explosion and Fire Kills 1, Displaces Several Others

A cold front blew through Palisade last night, dropping rain and sleet, then moving on. We awoke to a cool, crisp, and breezy spring morning. We awoke to the sobering reality that one of our citizens passed away yesterday in the apartment complex explosion and fire which also caused several others to lose their homes.

Thankfully, Palisade residents are a resilient and caring group of people. Donations of clothing, blankets, household goods, and other items flooded the Palisade Christian Church and Taylor Elementary School. The Town of Palisade is collecting monetary donations.

It’s heart wrenching to think about the events which transpired, leading to the photos below. Our hearts and hands go out to those most closely affected, while we thank all of our town employees and first responders who came promptly and are still deeply engaged in processing the scene.

The aftermath of the explosion and fire which ripped through a Palisade apartment building on April 5, 2024
State Fire Investigators and other emergency responders processing the scene of the explosion and fire which destroyed the apartment complex at 920 Iowa Avenue.
An undated, but relatively recent Google Street View of the apartment building at 920 Iowa before it burned.