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Palisade Board Approves New Marketing Contract, Elberta Sidewalk Design Contract

On Tuesday, March 26, 2024 the Town of Palisade Trustees met in regular session. They voted to approve the award of the Elberta Sidewalk design and engineering contract to J-U-B Engineering. The Elberta Sidewalk project was made possible with a $1.8 million grant. It will consist of pedestrian bridges on each side of the street where it crosses the canal, as well as a dedicated multi-use path on the west side of Elberta from Wine Country Road to First Street. It is anticipated the design work will last through February 2025, with construction to to run from January – April 2025.

The board also granted the Town of Palisade marketing contract to Slate Communications, based on the recommendation of the Tourism Advisory Board. Slate has done marketing work for the town in the past, and both the town and the Tourism Advisory Board are pleased with their work. The terms of the new contract are for three years, at $75,000/yr., renewable each year with consent of the board. This contract can be terminated by either party if they believe it to be in their best interest.

During the Town Manager Report, town employees described the difficulty they are having finding a used half-ton pickup for under $25k. The board approved the request to spend up to $35k instead. Town employees also showed photos of the new fishing dock at Riverbend Park, and presented some of the design ideas they’ve been working on for the Harkey’s Landing Boat Ramp area. The new design would include a pushed back parking area with handicapped parking slots, several different walking paths down to the river all surrounded with native plants, and boulders near the landing with D-rings for people to attach their boats temporarily. (See photos below, click to enlarge.)

A new potential design for the Harkey’s Landing Boat Ramp at Riverbend Park was presented at the Board of Trustees meeting held on March 26, 2024.