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23. March 4, 2024: Jenne Baldwin-Eaton

The latest Palisade Podcast episode features Colorado Wine Country legend Jenne Baldwin-Eaton.
Jenne Baldwin-Eaton is wine consultant, judge, instructor, and winemaker. She joins the podcast to discuss how tourism has changed the dynamics of Palisade’s wine tasting rooms, how she went from a physical trainer to wine maker, her oldest surviving bottles from Plum Creek, the stressful parts of winemaking, losing control of wine once it’s sold, her theory on customer feedback, why wineries got rid of free tastings, why she was surprised Plum Creek lasted so long, the fading camaraderie of the wine industry, how CMU started its wine program, getting married on a rafting trip, houseboat trips on Lake Powell, the timing of a honeymoon, would Peche survive without tourists?, businesses closing in downtown Palisade, how much of a liability Colorado’s weather is for the future of wine making, how to educate consumers as tasting rooms get busier, how Palisade wineries can get more creative, how marketing can make your wine taste better, wine marketing classes in the Grand Valley, Jenne’s wine travels and plan to be a wine host in Bordeaux, what it’s like to be a wine judge and the dirty deets on the judging process, the little wine vines of Santorini, elk hunting, the sparkling wine trend in Palisade, upcoming town improvement projects, Palisade as a Dark Sky destination, and more.