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Palisade Trustee Candidate Jeff Snook Shares Thoughts, Views, Opinions Before Upcoming Municipal Election

Jeff Snook

The Palisade Post sent questionnaires to all the candidates running for office in the upcoming municipal election. Jeff has responded to our questions, and we are happy to publish them here, before the upcoming “Meet the Candidates” Forum hosted by the Palisade Chamber of Commerce on February 28.

We will publish all candidate responses as they are received, before February 28, 2024.

The Palisade Post would love to see everyone in Palisade be well informed about their local candidate choices, and we encourage everyone to vote on April 2, 2024.

The Palisade Post: How long have you lived in Palisade? Tell us how you came to live here. Can you give us some insight about yourself as a person, your interests, hobbies, family/friends?

Jeff Snook: I moved to Palisade in 2018 after we purchased an old motel which is now the Spoke and Vine Motel. Most of our time goes into operating our two businesses and taking care of a 12 year old boy. When I do have free time, I enjoy hiking with our dogs, mountain biking, gravel biking and pickleball with my wife and friends. I also head out in the backcountry on my motorcycle for some peace.

The Palisade Post: Can you tell us about occupations you’ve had?

Jeff Snook: I have been in hospitality for about 26 years. I began as a bellman for a lodging company in Steamboat Springs and continued working through different departments over 11 years. Before moving to Palisade, I was the General Manager for Salt and Lime Restaurant.

I started my culinary journey at a local burger shop at 14 and then I chose the corporate route and worked at McDonalds! Some of my most memorable jobs were as a server at a cool, fun restaurant in Newark, Delaware where I grew up.

I was also an office manager at a courier office, and then I owned and operated my own house painting business before moving to Steamboat in 2002.

The Palisade Post: What are some things you think Palisade does well? Why do you like living here?

Jeff Snook: Palisade does the small town thing really well! Neighbors are friendly and supportive. I love that we don’t have any stop lights!

I have met some really cool people that have helped solidify why I want to live in Palisade. We are a town first. I love walking or riding my bike through town and being able to say hi to all our neighbors.

The Palisade Post: Why are you running for a position on the Town Board?

Jeff Snook: I like to be involved and I want to be involved. I have been on the Tourism Advisory Board for about four years and have really enjoyed being a part of a collaborative process.

The Palisade Post: What do you think are the big issues or challenges Palisade is presently facing?

Jeff Snook: Infrastructure for sure. When I say infrastructure, I mean the not so sexy stuff like the underground infrastructure, the streets, and the sidewalks. Even bigger question is how do we pay for it.

The Palisade Post: How are you presently involved in the community of Palisade?

Jeff Snook: I have been on Tourism Advisory Board for about four years and just starting volunteering to be a Chamber Ambassador. We donate to local organizations as much as we can. We host a locals cruiser night on Mondays at Spoke and Vine Motel. My wife, Jody and I are guardians of a 12 year old boy where we are doing our best to be sure he grows to be a contributor in society. We employ roughly 40 people between the two businesses.

The Palisade Post: What things do you think would promote economic development in Palisade?

Jeff Snook: I don’t think another festival is the way to get more money. We are maxed out on festival weekends and even weekends in general. I would like to see our tourism be spread out a little more so our town doesn’t feel over run every weekend. We are currently trying to get people here on the weekdays for that reason. We have tried to do the same thing on Tourism Advisory Board the last few years.

The Palisade Post: What intrigues you about Palisade’s history? How does it apply to Palisade’s future?

Jeff Snook: Our deep rooted (pun intended!) history in agriculture. I love to hear the stories from the long-time locals, especially from Bennet Price who has the BEST stories! As a small town, much of the agricultural land is outside of the town limits. It’s important to have an open dialogue with the Mesa County to help out our local farmers.

The Palisade Post: What do you see (or would you like to see) in Palisade’s future? What would you do to guide/direct it?

Jeff Snook: I would like to see more housing that fits into Palisade’s vision. If I am elected we will work as a board with our community and the master plan to make sure whatever is being done fits within what our master plan has in place. I really believe we have to work together as community and a board to reach our vision.

The Palisade Post: Some would suggest there is a housing shortage or lack of affordable housing in and around Palisade? What are your thoughts about housing?

Jeff Snook: Housing is a hot topic in many parts of Colorado. We live in a desirable place that compared to many other Colorado towns, Palisade is on the lower side of pricing believe it or not. Whenever you have increased demand and a low supply, the prices will rise. If we want to see prices come down or stabilize, more homes need to be added. However, that comes with some resistance from some who don’t want growth or those who are already here in a secure home. I definitely see both sides of the argument! I believe we need to have an open mind when it comes to new developments. It would be nice to have some other housing options that are smaller than single family homes. Reducing the square footage of properties will ultimately make them more affordable.

The Palisade Post: A prominent Palisade resident once said, “In the west, when you touch water, you touch everything.” What are your thoughts on both municipal and irrigation water in and around Palisade?

Jeff Snook: I think we have the best drinking water in Colorado and we need to hold onto that! Our canals are our lifeline and should always be priority when talking about how to keep our water, keep our water clean, and keep our agricultural community going strong!

The Palisade Post: Can you share your thoughts about the ongoing costs and challenges of maintaining municipal infrastructure?

Jeff Snook: The simple explanation is that our infrastructure has been neglected and only in the last few years have we begun to come up with a plan to upgrade infrastructure. The Town has basically been playing catch up on repairs. When something breaks they fix it. This is not an ideal way to operate.

I would like to see town staff be able to be to more proactive rather than reactive when dealing with these items. However, this takes money and I believe that is the biggest challenge to getting our infrastructure where it needs to be.

The Palisade Post: What are the options for increasing the amount of revenue available for the town budget? What do you think are the best ways to grow town revenue?

Jeff Snook: Increasing revenue can be achieved in 2 ways; increasing our visitors and/or increasing our actual sales tax percentage. Palisade has one of the lowest tax rates in Colorado. To some neither are a sexy conversation but we have to be realistic if we hope to have a budget that can cover the costs of basic operation and maintenance.

Palisade Post: Anything else you would like to add?

Jeff Snook: I would be honored to serve as one of Palisade’s Trustees. Know that I will represent you in a honest, respectful and collaborative way.