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Palisade Trustee Candidate Lu Frederick Shares Thoughts, Views, Opinions Before Upcoming Contest

Lu Frederick

The Palisade Post sent questionnaires to all the candidates running for office in the upcoming municipal election. Lu has responded to our questions, and we are happy to publish them here, before the upcoming “Meet the Candidates” Forum hosted by the Palisade Chamber of Commerce on February 28.

We will publish all candidate responses as they are received, before February 28, 2024.

The Palisade Post would love to see everyone in Palisade be well informed about their local candidate choices, and we encourage everyone to vote on April 2, 2024.

The Palisade Post: How long have you lived in Palisade? Tell us how you came to live here. Can you give us some insight about yourself as a person, your interests, hobbies, family/friends?

Lu Frederick: I have officially lived here since February of 2023. Though my friends say I have been an honorary Palisadian for years before then. I sold my house back east a few years ago & toured around our country. Palisade was my home-base. I stopped in almost 6 times each year. My Palisade Family grew each time. Last year I decided to slow my travels & I was encouraged by so many to do it here.

I worked at Paddleboard Adventure Company as Assistant Manager last year. I then had someone inspire me to be proactive with re-establishing the community garden. Having the collective community that has embraced me here, I found it easy to poll Palisade individuals to hear what would be important to them in having a community garden in their own town. In doing so, my heart fell more in love with our Palisade. I now cannot imagine living anywhere else.

The Palisade Post: Can you tell us about occupations you’ve had?

Lu Frederick: I have had many occupations, everything from construction to car sales.

The Palisade Post: What are some things you think Palisade does well? Why do you like living here?

Lu Frederick: Palisade does the “Pali Vibe” right, a community vibe. I love living here because I have a community that is embracing, and I feel more welcome here than I have living anywhere else in my life.

The Palisade Post: Why are you running for a position on the Town Board?

Lu Frederick: I am running for Trustee, because I want to continue to promote & expand our community events. Through community events is how people are able to connect & bridge barriers of mis or lack of communication.

The Palisade Post: What do you think are the big issues or challenges Palisade is presently facing?

Lu Frederick: I believe a significant challenge in Palisade is the divide between long-time residents and newcomers. This gap in connection leads to a deficiency in communication and understanding between the two groups. It’s crucial to bridge this gap through opportunities for bonding, as it allows us to appreciate the significance of resources like the canal, which plays a vital role in sustaining our orchards and the renowned Palisade fruit.

Moreover, many newcomers have fallen in love with Palisade for its unique charm, breathtaking landscapes, and tight-knit community. Understanding and celebrating what draws new residents to our town can further strengthen the bonds that make Palisade special for everyone.

The Palisade Post: How are you presently involved in the community of Palisade?

Lu Frederick: I am presently involved in the community by many ways. One of which is being one of the two main individuals who spearhead the community garden. Please note, we are always looking for people willing to get more involved. They can always reach out to us on Facebook at “Palisade Community Garden (PCG).” The Garden is located on 470 W. 4th St. in Palisade.

I also currently run the “Pali Swap,” which is a free clothes/craft/plant swap held throughout the year. Currently the swap is traveling this year. We had many people wanting to host it last yr. The “Pali Swap” is on Facebook, it is free, byob, and a potluck. The swap is always in Palisade, and the address gets released 24 hours before the event, and taken down after the event. Nothing is exchanged for cash. You can come and just hang out and get to know locals or grab some items for a friend. All items left are either sorted through to save some for the next event, or donated to organizations to help those who might benefit from these items more.

I also work at Paddleboard Adventure Company in the summer. My favorite thing is to listen to why the tourist loved their visit to Palisade the most. Which is over 80% of the time because of the people. They say how nice people were & how welcome they felt. That is the Palisade Vibe that pulled me here & I want to help nurture it.

The Palisade Post: What things do you think would promote economic development in Palisade?

Lu Frederick: There are many ways we could promote economic development in Palisade, though I think presently focusing on making sure our current businesses don’t have to struggle as much in the off season is the best focus for our current economic standpoint.

The Palisade Post: What intrigues you about Palisade’s history? How does it apply to Palisade’s future?

Lu Frederick: Many things about Palisade history are very interesting. Though, the one that I think is the biggest importance to our town’s current name, in and outside of our town, besides the vineyards, is the Peaches. Our orchards grow the most unbelievable peaches across the United States.

The Palisade Post: What do you see (or would you like to see) in Palisade’s future? What would you do to guide/direct it?

Lu Frederick: What I would like to see in Palisade’s future is more connection between residents. More opportunities for locals to have events generated specifically towards locals. I personally have been doing everything I can as an individual to help our community to have new opportunities to connect with one another. An event I would love to see happen in the future is “Locals Movie Night” at Riverbend Park.

The Palisade Post: Some would suggest there is a housing shortage or lack of affordable housing in and around Palisade? What are your thoughts about housing?

Lu Frederick: I will say housing is not easy to find, though all my friends and I have been able to find opportunities.

The Palisade Post: A prominent Palisade resident once said, “In the west, when you touch water, you touch everything.” What are your thoughts on both municipal and irrigation water in and around Palisade?

Lu Frederick: Both are crucial for our town.

The Palisade Post: Can you share your thoughts about the ongoing costs and challenges of maintaining municipal infrastructure?

Lu Frederick: Though I am still new to understanding of the Palisade municipal infrastructure, these things always need to be upgraded. In my mind, it is important for us to hear our community’s voice on the issues at hand & put in place something that will suit everyone the best in the end.

The Palisade Post: What are the options for increasing the amount of revenue available for the town budget? What do you think are the best ways to grow town revenue?

Lu Frederick: I think the best ways to create revenue for our town budget & to grow local revenue, are one in the same. To continue to apply for grants that our small town qualifies for, and bringing traffic to our local owned businesses in the off season.