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Neighborhood Meeting Regarding Palisade Sewer Transfer Project Scheduled for February 24, 2024

A neighborhood meeting to discuss the upcoming Palisade Sewer Transfer project will be held at the Palisade Church of the Nazarene (3595 Front Street, Palisade) on February 24 at 5PM.

The project is slated to close the existing sewage treatment system in Palisade and instead pipe the town’s effluent to the new sewage treatment facility in Clifton. As construction on the pipeline begins, some people in the area between Palisade and Clifton are worried about potential negative impacts related to the project.

Residents are concerned about the location of the pipeline given its close proximity to the Grand Valley Canal. They are worried the PVC pipe carrying untreated sewage might spring a leak and contaminate either the canal or the properties through which the pipeline runs. Residents also contend the town didn’t select the correct solution, and that a cheaper treatment plant could be built in Palisade.

All residents in Palisade and the surrounding area are encouraged to attend this meeting to discuss the potential issues surrounding the project and express their views (whether in support or opposition) regarding the project.