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Town of Palisade Announces Fiber Internet Activation

Town of Palisade: High speed fiber internet in Town of Palisade is going “Live!”

Join us to celebrate Clearnetworx lighting up fiber in Palisade on Tuesday, December 19th at 11:30AM at Spoke & Vine Motel.

Palisade welcomes Clearnetworx, a leading provider of fiber internet solutions. Clearnetworx is the first fiber company to lease space in the newly established Palisade CNL (carrier neutral location). Following months of dedicated construction and several million dollars to the Town’s fiber infrastructure, Clearnetworx is now ready to activate its circuit and deliver gigabit internet to its pre-registered customers.

In coordination with the Town, DOLA, and Region10, Clearnetworx is kicking off installations on December 19th with the very first customer in Palisade: The Spoke & Vine Motel.

“We want to give a special thank you to the people whose commitment and vision made fiber a possibility in rural Colorado. The vision of DOLA to obtain grand funding and design a large network to serve rural Colorado, made this project a reality,” added Janet Hawkinson, Palisade Town Manager.

“We are honored to have been to have been able to provide over $400,000 to support this important project as part of our support of advancing accessibility to high-speed broadband services throughout western Colorado. This marks the first of many live connections to a broadband network that is being developed along the entire Colorado River Valley in towns from Glenwood Springs to Fruita. We look forward to continuing our support in bringing a redundant broadband connection to western Colorado that will provide reliable access to our communities and rural areas,” said Dana Hlavac, DOLA Northwest Regional Manager.

“Through private and public efforts, we have a successful fiber project for the Town of Palisade,” added Mayor Greg Mikolai. Region 10 will assist the Town with leasing the CNL to other IRU fiber carriers. The Town constructed and owns the fiber CNL (carrier neutral location) and ‘middle-mile.’

“Our team is very excited to kick things off in Palisade,” said Doug Seacat, President of Clearnetworx. “While we’ve only been constructing for a few months, this has been multiple years of effort to make this happen and we’re so thankful for how the Town and community has come together to support this effort. It’s going to be fun to see how the community puts our network to work to create opportunities for the community.”

Installations will be ongoing, and residents can see when their zone goes live at:

View the Palisade Construction Map here:

To learn more about fiber internet or sign up for services, please visit

–or call Clearnetworx 970-240-6600