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Palisade Tribune History 50 Years Ago: Public Hearing On Nectarines

Palisade Tribune, Nov. 16, 1973 p. 1

Manager Goddard advised that work on the dike at the Cabin Reservoir had been completed and work was now being done on the watershed roads.

Public Hearings on Nectarines

A public hearing has been scheduled for the evening of Nov. 27 at the Veterans Memorial Building at 8:00, on lifting the embargo on nectarines in Mesa and Delta counties. The hearing in Delta county will be held the morning of Nov. 28 at 9:00 in the Delta-Montrose Power Lines Assn. building.

There has been a movement in recent years to lift the embargo on the growing of nectarines in both counties. The quarantine (Quarantine Order G) was imposed many years ago when it was found that along with some varieties of peaches the nectarine was also a mosaic carrier. After embargo was imposed, the nectarine was kept out of the Western Slope at the inspection stations.

In the last few years new varieties have become popular and some growers have shown interest in growing a new product that is marketable.

The situation between Delta and Mesa counties differs in that in Delta county the plantings would be isolated form other fruit, since they are planted in canyons, and they have also been disease free. In Mesa county it is probable that they will be planted close to peaches, leaving an opening for a mosaic carrier.

The hearing, according to Lorin Anderson, chief entomologist for the State of Colorado at the Plant Industry station in Palisade, is to be sure that growers are aware of the hazards that will go with the planting of nectarines.

Palisade Tribune, Nov. 16, 1973 p. 8

Sixteen members of the Palisade Volunteer Fire Department met at Thompson’s Corral for breakfast and then went on to Meeker for their annual “Rabbit Hunt.” Don’t know what else they did all day but they must have been busy since they only brought back six rabbits. At that, it was better than a few years ago when they brought back half a duck!