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Palisade Tribune History 100 Years Ago: Palisade Needs a Gym

Palisade Tribune, November 16, 1923, Pg. 8

The American Legion of Grand Junction have challenged the American Legion of Palisade to a rabbit hunt on Nov. 25. The losing side to treat with an oyster supper. The rabbits will be donated to the Salvation Army for dinners for Thanksgiving.

E.R. Phillips has a new Ford.

H.M. Phillips is the possessor of a new Buick.

Roads permitting, Mr. and Mrs. H.W. Kluge and son William will drive to Gunnison today to witness the football game between Regis college and the Western State college on Saturday. William Kluge is a graduate of Regis college.

Palisade Needs A Gym

Physical training in Palisade is on the slump. Wanted–A gymnasium.

In the past few years a new movement, nation-wide, has been sweeping over the country. Few schools, indeed, do not have a modern, well equipped Gymnasium. Leading educators endorse this. Mary C. C. Bradford, in a recent speech, set forth the value of physical training in the schools.
In the past years too much time has been taken with the development of the mind and to little thought has been given to the development of the body. As the mind controls the body, so the body supports the mind. If the body is neglected, then the mind is of little value.

It is thru the athletical contests that a student’s love for his Alma Mater is born and this is carried into later life. It was this same spirit that sent our boys across the water to fight for their country. Do you think that we could have won that war of [if] our soldiers had not first learned to love their schools, homes, and country.(?) Don’t kill that spirit in your boy or girl. Let them learn to love and respect those things of which they are a part.

The question is asked, do we need a gymnasium? Absolutely! We have no gymnasium. The time has come when we can no longer do without one. Our present so-called gymnasium is inadequate for the demand of the school and the community. It is an impossibility to move all the seats in the auditorium for the games. Palisade’s school is thus handicapped. Why let it remain thus? We are doing our best; let us have your help and cooperation.