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Palisade History: Verne Reed Badly Hurt by Explosion of Bomb

The following article was published in the Palisade Tribune on November 5, 1915:

By the explosion of a bomb, while working in the alley east of the John Wilson home on east Third Street Wednesday afternoon, Verne Reed was seriously injured and is now lying in the Palisade hospital. Parts of the shell were taken from two large wounds in his right side while the doctors found eleven small wounds on his right leg and five on his right arm. While Mr. Reed has suffered a good deal from his injuries his wounds are not considered dangerous and’ he was reported yesterday to be on the fair way to recovery unless new complications arise.

Mr. Reed was assisting Fred Bower in cleaning up the outside of the Wilson property, which he had recently rented, and was engaged in raking the leaves and making bonfires of them. Mr. Bower had just gone over from the garage to advise with him about the work when Mr. Reed raked up another bunch and placed them on the fire. As the former turned away he heard a violent explosion and quickly turned to see Mr. Reed standing within about six feet of the fire and pressing his hands to his right side. A hasty examination showed he was badly injured and his clothing had two large holes in them, on the right side, besides being torn in various places.

Although painfully injured Mr. Reed insisted on walking to Dr. Tadlock’s office where his wounds were examined and he was then taken to the hospital. As stated, two large wounds were found on his right side, one being large enough to insert three of the physician’s fingers. A flat piece of steel was removed from this wound, apparently part of a pipe that had contained the explosive. The rib was found to be slightly splintered but had saved internal injuries that might have proved fatal. The other wounds were less serious.

There were many conjectures as to how the explosive or bomb came to be in that neighborhood, as Mr. Wilson states that only recently he raked over the ground and burned leaves and weeds. Inquiries, however, have developed the fact that some boys of the town were engaged last Saturday night in the laudable (?) employment of throwing explosives in the backyard of Mrs. Haynes, corner Second and Bower Avenue. The bombs used were of their own design and make and intended to frighten the widow. One of the participants confesses that a bomb failed to explode and they had gone away and left It. Present indications are it was this bomb that wounded Mr. Reed.