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  • 35. July 9, 2024: Rob O’Leary

    Rob O’Leary is a former stand-up comedian and a Western Colorado food and travel enthusiast. He joins the podcast to hear Will’s latest gripe with United Airlines and explain how he lost 200+ pounds, the difference between distilleries in Palisade, the Western Slope Whiskey Club, his favorite food and drink establishments in the Grand Valley, and more! You can follow his travels on Instagram @RobDuJour.

  • 34. June 26, 2024: Michael Logerwell

    Michael Logerwell is a former on-air TV reporter for KREX in Grand Junction. He joins the podcast to discuss the upcoming Olympic games, the new idea for an “Enhanced Games” where athletes are permitted to take performance-enhancing substances, investigative reporting versus “regular” reporting, journalism as a public service, whether news outlets should make money, his top stories from his career covering the Grand Valley, President Biden and Camp Hale, major problems facing journalism, how to interview victims of tragedy, the future of journalism, things to watch for in this week’s first presidential debate, why journalism is a great job for young people, and more! 

  • 33. June 17, 2024: Devan Aziz

    Devan Aziz is the brand-new Planning Commissioner for the Town of Palisade. He joins the podcast to discuss his fasting strategy, his background in permaculture and cheese making, software he has introduced to modernize the public comment process, the Harkey’s Boat Launch project at Riverbend, whether it’s better to have a planning commissioner who is from here or from somewhere else, a day in the life of the Planning Commissioner, the future of the sewer ponds in Riverbend, “nature-based solutions” and his ideas for new projects he would like to see happen in Palisade, train travel in Europe, Southwest airline’s boarding policy, his Turkish background, and more!

    You can view the virtual open house for Harkey’s Boat Launch here, schedule a meeting with Devan here, and learn more about nature-based solutions here.

  • 32. May 22, 2024: Greg Mikolai

    Greg Mikolai is the Mayor of Palisade. He joins Will on the podcast to discuss his career in television, why he hates doing live television, his documentary on the Colorado National Monument, why Will was hoping Greg would lose the election, whether he considers himself a politician, how he got into local politics by accident, marijuana and the Board of Trustees, Vietnamese Italian fusion, upcoming changes to the land use code, ideas for economic diversity in Palisade, the power of the mayor, what it’s like to conduct town meetings, a day in the life of a mayor, update on the Subway, what makes him anxious, Highway 6 update, why irrigation for every house is important, backpacking on the Mesa, Rocky Mountain National Park raising its fees, the Northern Lights in Palisade, the rapid spread of television, and more!

  • 31. May 16, 2024: Clayton Yeazle

    Clayton Yeazle is an acoustic musician and the lead singer for The Violet Pines. He joins Will on the podcast to discuss the grind of getting home after 2 a.m. most nights, anxiety and going to sleep, Will’s prayers as a kid, ADHD, how to be a good audience member, the power of reciprocation, the best tap water in the world, surfing in Minnesota, going home and its impact on you, rediscovering your inner child, Clayton’s touching childhood memories, imagining yourself as the star, the worst comment Clayton has gotten on stage, Motown and romanticizing romance, how to write a song, how a house show differs from a house party, how to build a set list, whether productivity is silly, self sabotage, why Clayton worries about “the grinders,” grinding to the graveyard, east coasters, the Melrose Hotel, the greatest curse in music, what it feels like to play an emotional song you no longer connect with, why Clayton doesn’t drink while he plays, how to remove yourself from songs, and more! Follow him or @thevioletpines.

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